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Q: Can I buy directly from the Harden Furniture Company?

A: Harden has made the decision to not sell direct to consumers. We have chosen to build excellent and strong relationships with a national and international dealer network who will provide you with local, customized service where you live. It is our goal to focus on what we do best-manufacture quality furniture for your home. For more information on dealers serving your area, please visit our Dealer Locator provided on this website.

Q: What if I need specific information such as dimensions or available finishes?

A: You have three options to assist you in gathering additional information on specific furniture that you are interested in purchasing. You may either visit or call one of your local dealers, send your request to “Ask Greg”, via e-mail, under the “Join the Harden Family Registry” on this website or refer to one of our catalogs which are available by order.

Q: What are your showroom hours and how do I get there?

A: Please visit our map page here.

Q: Can you quote me prices for furniture that I am interested in purchasing?

A: Harden is not able to quote you prices for furniture directly. To insure that you have the very best local service and attention, we have established a network of qualified Harden dealers throughout the United States and within several countries abroad to work directly with customers who wish to purchase Harden furniture. This relationship guarantees that you will have access to our products and give you an additional customer service support system through both your dealer and from Harden. Because each dealer may offer special discounts at their discretion, we could not possibly give you pricing on our products that would accurately reflect your dealer’s retail pricing.

Q: How can I obtain Harden catalogs?

A: You can order Harden catalogs through our website by logging into our Catalogs and Care segment here. To order by mail, simply print out the order form included on this website and mail with your check made payable to Harden Furniture.

Q: How do I care for my newly purchased solid-wood furniture?

A: Harden takes great pride in creating a piece of furniture that can someday be passed down from generation to generation. Its lasting beauty, however, depends a great deal on the care it receives. Here are a few simple steps to follow to help insure that your furniture can be enjoyed for years to follow.

    * Avoid placing furniture near heat vents, open windows or direct sunlight.
    * Never leave pliable plastic items directly on a wood surface.
    * Dust when needed with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth, always working in the direction of the grain. Clean as required with a soft, damp cloth; wipe completely dry. For additional protection, apply a quality furniture polish, such as Harden Furniture Cream, every few months. Avoid the use of silicone based polishes.
    * To best care for Burnished Oil, Adirondack Oil and Antique Oil, clean with a dampened cloth and apply paste wax annually. Generic polishes should be avoided and aerosols containing silicone should never be used. Surface edges exposed to heavy wear may require a periodic application of mineral oil and paste wax.

Q: What should I do if I have a problem with my Harden furniture?

A:You should always satisfy any concerns related to your Harden furniture through your local dealer. They have the authority to work with you to achieve the highest level of satisfaction possible. However, occasionally you still may not be satisfied and it is our goal for you to enjoy your Harden furniture for years to come. Feel free to send a note via e-mail to our Customer Service Department and we will try our best to correct the situation. Please provide the date of purchase, product number and dealer name as we still must include the dealer in resolving any concerns.

Q: Why isn’t my local dealer listed on Harden’s dealer locator?

A: Harden has hundreds of highly qualified dealers that are authorized to sell our products. We have chosen to list only those dealers that are currently stocking a significant quantity of Harden furniture in their showrooms. We feel that these dealers will be a good resource for reviewing our products and have the most detailed information on our programs and services.

Q: Can I have a Harden product finished to match another manufacturers’ finish?

A: Yes! We take pride in being able to provide customers with the utmost in customization of our products. Harden is frequently asked to try to match a finish on a new product to a family heirloom or another manufacturers’ product. Simply visit the Harden dealer nearest you to discuss what procedures you need to follow and receive an estimated cost.

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